The refinancing of real estate is done for many reasons. Some of them are: to eliminate mortgage insurance premiums, reduce interest rates, take equity out of the property, open home equity lines of credit and more. It is easy in most cases. Just follow the steps listed below.
  • Select a lender & loan program of your choice and make application.
  • Inform your lender to forward the request for closing to Provident Title & Escrow, LLC in Lorton, Burke, Chantilly, or Springfield.
  • You will be contacted by Provident Title for payoff information and other required data to close the old loan and to secure the new loan(s).
  • We will schedule a time and date convenient for you to close the loan.
  • After closing, old loans will be paid off and released from the land records and your new loan secured.
  • Remember! There is a three day rescission period after closing before your funds can be disbursed.