Provident Title through its affiliated law firm offers Short Sale and Loan Modification services. If you are concerned about your current financial situation and home value, schedule a free consultation with one of our real estate attorneys. The attorney will review your situation and present options for your consideration. They will assist with the preparation of documents and with the collection of all information required by your lender. The attorneys will represent your interests throughout the negotiation process.

To learn more about these services contact Mary Fredenburgh at or at 703-961-1750.

Standard List of documents required by lenders for short sale and loan modification:
  1. Financial Statement
  2. Hardship Letter (as detailed as possible)
  3. Tax Returns for the past 2 years (Federal and State)
  4. Recent Pay Stubs (past 3 months)
  5. Recent Bank Statement for all accounts (checking and savings- past three months)
  6. Real Estate Purchase Agreement (Short Sale)
  7. Copy of the Borrower’s Earnest Money Deposit Check (Short Sale)
  8. Final HUD-1 including all fees, charges and prorations (Short Sale)