Realtor Requirements
Continuing Education
Salespersons who have renewed their license at least once before must complete 16 hours of Continuing Education courses to renew their license. Of these 16 hours, they must complete 3 hours in Ethics and Standards of Conduce, 2 hours in Fair Housing, 1 hour in Legal Updates and Emerging Trends, 1 hour in Real Estate Agency and 1 hour in Real Estate Contracts. The remaining 8 hours may be in Real Estate Related Subjects (electives) or in the required Continuing Education subjects mentioned above.

Post –License
New Salespersons must complete 30 hours of Post Licensing Education within one year of initial license.

Agents have a choice of 3 practices tracks: Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Property management

Within each 30 hour curriculum, there are mandatory topics and elective topics. A salesperson must select one of the practice tracks by completing an approved Mandatory Topic within that track.

Residential Real Estate
Mandatory Topics (15 hours with a minimum of 3 hours in each section)
  • Agency Law
  • Fair Housing
  • Real Estate Law
  • Offer to Purchase Real Estate
  • Ethics and Standards of Conduct
Elective Topics (15 hours)
  • Property Valuation/Listing Process
  • Selling Process
  • Technology
  • Business Planning
  • Land Use Issues
  • Other Real Estate Related Courses